PPC Performance Dashboard & Web Traffic KPIs

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Client’s industry

PPC Agency for consumer goods brands


Data sources we used

Google Connectors:

data studio connector google ads

Google Ads

google analytics data studio connector

Google Analytics

Supermetrics Connectors:

supermetrics data studio

Supermetrics for Data Studio – Facebook Ads connector  

Tools we used

google data studio

Google Data Studio

The dashboard’s goals and the problems it solved

The client needed a PPC performance dashboard that would blend Google Ads and Facebook Ads data. With this report’s help, their own clients could get an instant snapshot of their multichannel marketing campaigns, as well as an in-depth analysis per each channel.

The dashboard also includes general web traffic, Analytics goals, and e-commerce KPIs. 

For a faster and better understanding of the data, we included a quick interpretation section for the demographics.

Reminder & Graphics credit

We use mock data for all the dashboards presented in our portfolio.

The icons in this dashboard are from the Flaticon database.

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