We bring all your key metrics in one place:
in Google Data Studio

No more messy spreadsheets and puzzling queries


A well-built dashboard is worth a thousand words

When you visualize your KPIs, you understand your company’s health¬†at a glance.

Why are we working with Google Data Studio?

The Tool's Strongest Points

Most companies analyze their numbers by logging in on at least three platforms. You certainly use no less than Google Analytics and a couple of spreadshets.

Google Data Studio pulls data from all these sources into insightful dashboards.

Variety of data sources integrations
Interactivity in data visualization
Improvement pace
Ability to blend data
Price - It's... free!

150+ data sources

On top of the Google-owned data sources that you can add in Data Studio, there are more than 100 third-party connectors.

Ability to blend data

Data Studio lets you blend numbers from two different data sources into an always-fresh report.

Improvement pace

Since its launch in mid-2016, Data Studio evolved into an extremely powerful tool.


Interactivity in
data visualization

Select a timeline, hover over the charts for more details, or add a filter to see only data for a specific channel.


You can have a 100-page dashboard shared with 30 people without spending a dime.


As with any Google Cloud BI solution, Data Studio has a 99.9% uptime.

You don't even buy your headphones without being informed.
So why would you run your business without in-depth reporting?