Your data is beautiful. It just needs a makeover

We build actionable, UX-friendly, and beautiful Looker Studio dashboards tailored to your business.

KPIs Studio - Google Data Studio Dashboards Service

Let your team work on your brand,
let us work on your data dashboards

Sure, software is useful. But what software shows you the results from all of your website traffic channels in one place?
Or adapts to the needs of each of your departments? Custom beats one-size-fits-all. 


If you can think of a metric, we can measure it.
The sky is the limit.

From general management to marketing and sales KPIs, here are a few of the key indicators you can track and visualize:

Your top 10 products

Your top 10 products​

Which products are bringing the highest revenue on your eCommerce store?

Lead to close rate

Lead to close rate

How many of your leads are you turning into customers? How long does it take from day one to sale?

Customer's lifespan

Customer's lifespan

How long does a customer remain active before they drop off and go dormant?

Revenue by location

Revenue by location

Which cities and countries are the highest revenue generators for your business?

…and many other KPIs adapted to your business needs. Heck, you can even visualize the exact number of beers that are chilling in the fridge at the office. Let’s define your KPIs together!

Here's how our data visualization process works

We’re specialized in building Looker Studio dashboards

Step 1. Define

We start by understanding your dashboard needs

  • What KPIs does your company or your departments need to visualize?
  • How many data sources are required?
  • What tools are necessary?
Define KPIs
Step 2. Connect

We then connect all your data sources to Looker Studio

  • Do you know that Google Sheet you’re filling in with your monthly sales, your team’s working hours, or the number of gift cards redeemed per customer?
  • We take all those data sources and merge them into one good-looking, smart af custom Looker Studio dashboard.
Connect data sources
Step 3. Build your Data Studio dashboard

No more data nightmares.
We design and build the dashboard of your dreams

  • We transform your numbers into a comprehensive and friendly interface. 
  • Your KPIs will no longer be shown as a static dashboard – you’ll benefit from dynamic and interactive data. 
  • Your data will finally become actionable business intelligence. 
Build KPI dashboard
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Why we do what we do

Excel reports are not sexy.
Understand your data faster and easier with a real time, interactive dashboard.