Mobile-Friendly Data Studio Dashboard – Analytics Metrics​

mobile dashboard preview

As awesome as Data Studio is, it has one major flaw (for now) – its canvas doesn’t have a responsive design. 

We saved you the hassle of desktop work and we built a dashboard with a mobile-friendly width.

Open the mobile-friendly Data Studio template, make a copy, connect your own Analytics data and you’re good to go.

The setup will take less than 10 minutes.

It’s the year of mobile

“It’s the year of mobile!” We’ve all heard this media buzz phrase for years now. Everything digital – whether it is video, search, display, e-commerce or web – should be planned and designed with the mobile-first mindset. 

Do dashboards have to be mobile-first too? Well, maybe not mobile-first, but mobile-friendly for sure!

Houston, we’ve got a problem

We’ve seen how awesome data visualizations are on a desktop screen, but when it comes to mobile, Data Studio is missing this feature (for now, we hope) – its canvas doesn’t have a responsive design. 

We built this dashboard with a mobile-friendly width, for your Google Analytics metrics. 

Make your own copy and you should have a basic Data Studio mobile dashboard in less than 10 minutes. Needless to say, feel free to replace our branding with yours.

How to build your own mobile-friendly Data Studio report

Now it’s time to embrace the mobile in data visualization too! If this sounds like a scenario that’s appealing to you, read on. We’ll show you how to build a mobile dashboard in Google Data Studio yourself.

  1. Choose the canvas size. Change the canvas dimensions to a mobile-friendly width. To check how many pixels a mobile screen displays, go to Developer Tools on Google Chrome. For example, the Apple iPhone X would be 375 x 812 pixels. We used 350 pixels for the one that you see here.
  2. Decide on the most important KPIs and cut any unnecessary charts. Remember this should be a mobile-friendly dashboard, so less is more. 
  3. Fit to width display mode. Change the display mode to this setting from the Layout and Theme options. Also, resize the charts to fit the width.
  4. Have a one page mobile design in mind. Multi-page reports lack in navigation controls on mobile, so one page is the way to go.
  5. Check it out! Send a share link to a mobile device and test it. 

There’s more on Data Studio for mobile

If you want to embed a Data Studio dashboard on your website to look good on mobile too, Elliott Mellichamp is here to give you some CSS tricks. Just follow her three easy steps for more mobile-friendly Data Studio dashboards.

Your feedback on our Data Studio mobile-friendly dashboard is our delight!

Get our mobile-friendly Data Studio dashboard for Analytics metrics free template and let us know what you think about it. 

Is there something we’ve missed? We’d love to hear from you, so give us some feedback and we’re going to update it. As the journey of mobile continues, we believe the best is yet to come!