Data Studio for Facebook Ads – Find the Winning Ad – Audience Matchup

If you’re running Facebook Ads I bet you want to see if there is an ad – audience matchup that is performing exceptionally well.

Normally, if you want to see these winning ad – audience combinations, there’s a lot of back and forth in the Facebook Ads platform. You would have to shuffle between the campaigns, ad sets, and ads tabs, and either keep the data in mind or do all sorts of custom reports to extract your necessary data. Then process it and analyze it in a Google spreadsheet, probably.

It sounds like a lot of work, right?

My goal is to spare you the hassle of this entire process and show you our solution, which was inspired by one of our clients.

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The Google Data Studio for Facebook Ads solution

So, the solution to see the winning ads-audiences combos much easier is (as you’ve guessed it already) – Google Data Studio.

And now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty and show you how Data Studio for Facebook Ads works for you in this case, step by step.

At the end of this article, you’ll also find a video that shows you the entire process. Want to jump directly to the video?

Step 1: Google Data Studio Facebook Ads connector

The first step is to add a Data Studio Facebook Ads connector (or a Google Sheet with your Facebook Ads data).

We worked with Supermetrics for Facebook Ads, but there are also other thirteen connectors available at the moment.

Step 2: Flawless naming system

You will need a flawless naming system or at least a decent one. This is actually the most important step and this analysis cannot be done without it.

  • At the Campaign name level, you should include the funnel stage (eg: first click, retargeting, loyalty, etc.)
  • At the Ad Set name level, you should include the audience that you targeted (eg: lookalike customers, recurrent customers, etc.)
  • At the Ad name level, make sure you include a detailed description, variables, type of ad. Make the ad name as descriptive as possible, so even if you don’t click on it, you know what it is about. 

If you don’t have this naming system in place, don’t worry, you can go and change it right now.

Better targeting for your Facebook Ads

A good dashboard can provide you with more powerful optimization strategies, including better targeting ideas. Let us help you with that.

Step 3: The actual dashboard + three filter controls

  • The funnel stage. You will need a CASE WHEN Regex formula (you can leave a comment and we will send it to you).
  • The audience (Ad Set name).
  • The ad name.

How to use a Data Studio for Facebook Ads dashboard to build better campaigns

Now enough with the how-to, let me show you the result.

An important thing to keep in mind when playing in your Facebook Ads dashboard is to group all the elements together. This way they will become interdependent.

You can filter by the funnel stage, audience, and ad name. You can start with which one you want and see the resulting matchup.

Feel free to add any metrics you like: CVR, Amount Spent, Revenue, ROAS, CTR (link), CPM, CPC, and more.

Here’s what you can do with a dashboard like this:

  • You can see what audiences and ads you’re currently using at a certain funnel stage.
  • You can see what campaigns are using a certain audience.
  • You can filer by certain ads (let’s say the ones that contain the word “buy”) and find out how much revenue these ads bring you. 
    • Unfortunately, you will have to start by deselecting all ads and then manually selecting the ones containing “buy”. 
    • After this, you can sort by revenue and decide whether or not you can use this ad with other audiences too. 

Final words on Data Studio for Facebook Ads

Now it’s your turn! Watch the video below where I go through the steps in this article. And then go ahead and apply these tips to find the winning ad-audience combo through Data Studio for Facebook Ads. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy its value as much as we do.

If you can’t find your way with GDS, drop us a line. We’d be happy to help you.

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